Creative Butters

Butter, the smell of it. The taste of it. Can quickly bring you back to that nostalgic moment when you were 12 and waiting for those muffins to finish baking. Oh butter. Years later, the effect is still the same, but the butter tastes different. It's now mixed with vegetables, herbs and more. It's grown up. Creative Butters mixes local fresh ingredients in to locally produced butter to create a simpler way to cook for the family.  


Business Cards

With the new logo complete, we had already envisioned how this would be translated to more collateral. For business cards, we wanted to keep with the element of engaging customers and making this piece be something that doesn't get trashed. We need to engage customers. We found the warm, loving memories of summer days on a farm where families left pies to cool in the windowsill was something people related to butter. We went back to the days when recipes were passed down through word of mouth or written on a scratch piece of paper. These business cards would act as that tie back into history and the glory days.


We built into the brochure the element that spoke to us- the ability to create new dishes, or refresh old ones by including favorite recipes. When targeting potential buyers and grocery stores, we used directed messaging to engage, inspire and bring back that loving feeling. We also integrated post cards into the folded brochure, which empowers the customer to "spread" the message and love for Creative Butters thus furthering the education of what CB does.