Helping Hands

Helping Hands Senior Services helps guide families and their elderly family members through the “senior care maze.” We learned abot the process of elderly home placement and realized it causes a high level of anxiety and stress, so we focused relieving that problem first through positive images and comprehensive, step-by-step process explanations. We choose larger typefaces for onscreen and print to market to the 50+ audience and picked a serene color palette.


Hitting the Mark

To compliment the new logo, we also developed marketing material that resolves many of the questions that arise from potential clients. By prempting the questions, we helped a demographic of clientelle overcome the trust issues that come with home health care.


A new direction for online 

Helping Hands Senior Services' web presence needed to be it's strongest trick in the bag. Through qualitative research we zeroed in on keywords their audeince uses when searching for home placement for family and made sure that these keywords were consistantly measured and optimized for SEO.