Lotus Wei

As the homeopathic market grows Lotus Wei's hand printed product packages and labels quickly become out of date. Her products are often sold at farmers markets and the like, but she needed to grow this audience. She needed to grow it to the spa industry. She knew her product was solid. She could prove the success of her products through hundreds of testimonials. She had the backing of leaders within the homeopathic industry. We worked with her to design out products that matched these goals and her brand.


marketing that's consistent 

Lotus Wei needed to build bran recognition. We integrated the same clean branding throughout all their material. Highlighting products and the medicinal value of flower essences.


Business cards

The philosophy of floral essences are built around how a person reacts to a flower. Certain flowers heal certain ailments. We've built the business cards to interact with customers through highlighting specific flowers which lead the users to the web site to find the answer. We basically built a take home stress test in business card form.

Envisioning online

Through strong SEO and an organized efficient layout, we brought Lotus Wei online, expanding her reach to a global market. With timely content updates, video and testimonials throughout, we were able to position Lotus Wei as the expert in the industry.


Finding the essence

We took a fresh professional approach to Lotus Wei's labels. The product labels needed to exude class and sophistication, but still tip a hat to the homepathic nature of the business. We took to inspiring, uplifitng colors to express the positive effects of their product.