MASK Magazine

MASK came to eeko looking for the right team to take their brand from non-profit local organization to a national print publication. Their mission is centered around educating and engaging parents of school aged children. We worked with them to develop the right marketing strategy and design for their magazine. We concepted the story direction and how each page would layout to support the education theme in a professional manner. While developing the initial concept for the magazine, we also concepted the online version of the magazine. We designed all the ads, promotional material and event marketing that MASK needed to launch. The bi-monthly magazine continues to grow and become widely known in the industry.


Press Kit

The MASK brand is one of class and sophistication. To compete within the parenting magazine market, they needed to attract an upperclass audience. We stuck with a clean layout and upgraded to a spot silver finish to bring that professionalism to their brand. MASK needed to clearly define their niche. And we did so through high-end marketing.

Laying it all out

Several graphic elements strategically placed add to the classic yet professional look we have created for MASK. This is serious reading for serious moms looking to better their childs life. We needed to encourage reading every story and made sure all ads were designed in line with the standards for the magazine. From cover to last page, the book needed to sing. And we made it happen.