Yumberi Yogurt

We created a fresh and inviting brand that emphasizes it's core passions, healthy yogurt that changes the world. Through clever marketing and sweet color choices, we were able to clearly brand Yumberi as the obvious choice in the yogurt industry. We integrated clever messaging centered around the word "YUM".


Sweet Mother of...

Involving the consumer in real social change through yogurt was one of Yumberi's mission. With all recycled paperwear and furniture, Yumberi not only talked the talk, but walked the walk. We needed to convey that online. We brought in their trademark owl and focused their branding around educating customers about the health benefits of yogurt as well as creating campaigns that rewarded the community for creating positive change.  

Nom Nom Nom

Upon launch we developed a huge push in marketing to educate and build awarness of Yumberi. From door hangers to flyers to handouts and gift cards, we overhauled the entire promotions to create a huge buzz.